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Therapeutic Brain Stimulation-Melbourne is a clinical and educational group that provides outpatient rTMS treatments , provides second opinion regarding suitability of TMS and ECT treatments , and also provides training & education in brain stimulation therapies. Brain Stimulation Therapies are an important component of the evidence-based treatment modalities for various mental health disorders.

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Outpatient rTMS Treatments
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Therapeutic Brain Stimulation Melbourne , offers outpatient , clinic based TMS treatments which does not require any inpatient admissions.
Your treating doctor can either make a referral through the referral form on the website or fax or email the referral to the clinic.
The Clinic Staff will get in touch with you after receiving the referral. The contact details are:

Phone 03 9968 6999

Fax 03 7049 4045

No, TMS treatment is offered as an outpatient treatment. TMS treatment does not require sedation or anesthesia and usually there is no recovery time after a session of treatment.

On some occasions, based on clinical presentations, severity of symptoms, and specific relevant circumstances, the recommendation for inpatient TMS may be made. If this is the case, the Psychiatrist will discuss this with you.

You would need your treating Psychiatrist or GP to provide a referral including summary of the clinical condition and treatments received, and a request for TMS. Your treating doctor can make a referral directly through the referral form on the website or email or fax it to the clinic.

Once the referral has been triaged and accepted, the clinic staff will get in touch with you to organise an initial assessment consultation with a TMS Psychiatrist.
The initial assessment consultation will involve a mental health assessment, suitability for TMS treatment and safety screening to rule out any specific contraindications or precautions for the TMS treatment.
If found suitable for TMS treatment, a mapping appointment will be booked, subsequent to which the treatment sessions will be organised.

Medicare funded TMS ( if criteria is met), carries a small out-of-pocket fee , which would be discussed by the clinic staff before the mapping session .

Therapeutic Brain Stimulation Melbourne, can provide treatment for Workcover and DVA patients if the claim is approved, which carries no out-of-pocket fee.

Before the TMS treatment can commence , one needs to undergo a mapping session . At this session, a TMS accredited Psychiatrist determines the point, and intensity of stimulation and prescribes the specific TMS programme. For TMS mapping the TMS coil is positioned over the patient's head and several measurements are done. Mapping is a process to determine the point of stimulation and for determining the resting motor threshold which is required to individualise the treatment.

Once the mapping is completed , the patient is booked in for TMS treatments . The TMS treatment can last around 3-30 minutes based upon the protocols used. During the treatment session, patients can hear a series of clicking sounds and often feel a tapping sensation under the treatment coil. Usually there is no or minimal discomfort during the treatment.

TMS mapping or treatment sessions do not require use of anaesthesia or sedation . One can drive home after receiving the treatment.

You would need your treating Psychiatrist or GP to provide a referral including summary of the clinical condition and treatments received which can be emailed, faxed or sent on the referral form on the website.

Your referral will be triaged and discussed with the available Panel Psychiatrist and accordingly an appointment will be booked. The appointment will be held either Face to Face or through online video platform and a thorough clinical assessment will be conducted.

Upon conclusion the Psychiatrist will provide and opinion to the referrer about suitability of these treatment options as well as any other requested questions by the referrer.

Yes, there is an applicable out of pocket fee which will be discussed when the appointment is being booked by the staff. However, most of the fee would be Medicare rebatable.

Depending upon the response and ability to tolerate usually one can receive upto 35 TMS treatments in the initial acute course. Usually, one has one treatment a day for 4-5 days / week for 6-7 weeks. It is difficult to predict before hand how effective the treatment might be.
The evidence base for maintenance treatment is not yet very clear.

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