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Who We Are

Therapeutic Brain Stimulation-Melbourne is a clinical and educational group that provides training and education in brain stimulation therapies, second opinion services focussed on clinical application of these therapeutic options, as well as provides clinic based Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation treatment services.

Brain Stimulation Therapies are an important component of the evidence-based treatment modalities for various mental disorders. With ongoing research there have been advancements in the delivery of these treatments, which need specialised knowledge and skills. Further specialised knowledge and skills are needed to integrate specific brain stimulation therapies in the treatment journey of a patient to individualise treatment.

The Therapeutic Brain Stimulation group has been conceptualised by a group of Psychiatrists to fill the gap in this space of delivering outpatient Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation treatment , training and skill-building towards safe and appropriate use of Brain Stimulation Therapies. This group focusses on providing both Medicare funded and Private Outpatient Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation Treatments . This group also provides basic as well as advanced/refresher training for various Brain Stimulation therapies including rTMS and ECT for psychiatrists. The panel of experts also provides second opinion to patients and/or Psychiatrists, focussed on suitability of brain stimulation therapy options, the kind of options that would be most suitable, as well as when to best use them in the course of the illness.

Dr Ashu Gandhi is the Director of The Therapeutic Brain Stimulation group. He is  actively involved in providing  rTMS treatment to persons with Treatment Resistant Depression, and other clinical conditions based on current evidence base.

He has also been running accredited training for ECT and TMS for over last few  years in Melbourne. He has developed training modules which are lucid, relevant and practical and bring together the core of theoretical and practical knowledge and skills, such that an early career Psychiatrist can hit the ground running.