Whilst ECT has been around for more than 80 years and has been found to be very effective in many disorders especially Major Depressive Disorders, ECT still carries a level of stigma and a level of reluctance to be accepted as a treatment modality.

ECT and TMS Second opinion service is designed as a one off assessment of the individual patient to consider the role of ECT / TMS in the treatment as well as whether ECT/ TMS will be appropriate and suitable in the given circumstances. The second opinion will also endeavour to provide suggestions about electrode placement and other parameters , if ECT is considered to be a suitable option.

All the specialists providing the second opinion are Senior Psychiatrists who have substantial experience in prescribing and administering ECT and TMS to a wide range of patients.

A referral from a GP or your Psychiatrist is needed to be able to book an appointment with a Specialist Interventional Psychiatrist to obtain a second opinion regarding the suitability of ECT or TMS as a treatment option and other treatment options.

ECT & TMS Second Opinion


1. Dr. Ashu Gandhi
2. Dr. Charu Gandhi
3. Dr. Samir Ibrahim OAM
4. Coming soon 2